25 College Questions

The answers may help you choose which college meets your needs.

Academics   ACADEMICS

1. What programs do you offer?

2. Do you offer Associate's degrees and Bachelor's degrees?

3. Is an internship or job-related assignment a requirement at your school?

4. Do your educators have real-world experience?

5. Do you offer an Honors Program?

6. Is there mentoring/tutoring if I need extra help?

Admissions   ADMISSIONS

7. When is the application deadline?

8. What are the requirements for acceptance?

9. Do you require SATs?

10. When can I arrange a tour of the college?

11. What is the tuition, including fees and books?

12. What type of aid is available to me?

13. Are there scholarships, and how do I apply?

14. Is there a deadline to apply for financial aid?

Student Life   STUDENT LIFE

15. What activities do you offer, both online and in-person?

16. What resources are available to help me start building a network of friends and classmates?

17. What type of residence facilities do you have available?

18. Do you offer any athletics programs and how can I get involved?

Technology   TECHNOLOGY

19. What type of software is used in your online courses?

20. What type of equipment do you use in the classroom?

21. How is technology incorporated into the curriculum?

22.What kind of support services do you offer online?

23. Will I have help looking for a job when I graduate?

24. What are some of the companies your students have worked for?

25. What other support does your Career Services Department offer?


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